When you are submitting images for a quote or if you have a question, please make sure your image is sized to the width and height you would like it printed.  It is best to send us images that are vectored for line images but high resolution photoshop images can be sent as well.  The images should have been created at the recommended setting of 300 dpi or higher.  Do not confuse pixels for dots per image.  


Our online desing tool is created to accept the best images possible so your prints never turn out fuzzy looking.  It is best to use the highest resolution, clearest images possible.


If you have an image that is "photo simulated" or a photo then please use the  "request a quote" section of our webpage or sent directly to us at Amy@kaderprinting.com filling out the necessary fields on that page.  One of our team will contact you directly.


If you experience issues with our online design tool, please feel free to contact us directly. We are working out the kinks.